Last Update: 12-21-04


The LORETTA HOWARD was built in 1929 by the Howard Shipyard, at Jeffersonville, Indiana. It was launched on October 23rd, 1929 by President Herbert Hoover - merely 6 days before the stock market crash which ushered in the Great Depression. The vessel became the D.W. WISHERD in 1933. In 1952 Capt. John Beatty purchased the vessel and partly dismantled it into an office for his salvage operation. The vessel was later renovated into a marina boat for Columbia Marina. It then served as a breakwater for various marinas until 2002.

HSPS acquired the D.W. WISHERD on September 15th, 2002. It is now primarilly used as a landing barge for the BARBARA H. Long term plans are to restore the vessel's exterior to what it looked like in 1929 as the LORETTA HOWARD. The former name, LORETTA HOWARD, will also be restored.

Former Sternwheel Towboat LORETTA HOWARD

Current Plans For Restoration:

We are currently completing Phase 2 of the restoration project, as of this writing. Phase 3 is projected for 2007 and beyond.


Photos showing restoration progress as of July 28, 2003
(work began on March 1, 2003).

Photo taken on October 20, 2003.